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The place to go when you want to find solutions for your home renovation design, whether it be a single room or a full renovation of your home.

We help you look through new eyes..

We are About Easy Solutions

Neil Bailey your qualified builder and designer will help you look through fresh eyes to easy solutions to your home renovation whether it be a single room or a full home renovations.

Clients love the way Neil Bailey approaches a renovation problem.  He looks with you at the situation, the problem then using his creative mind find the best solution for you.  Often clients think that something is impossible where Neil Bailey will find a way.

My Services

Solutions for Your Renovation

Often you know what you want to create or change in your home but it seems to hard

You can’t find the answers or solutions to your problem.  You need to add a room but how, You don’t like the look of your home, you want to modernise it, and at what cost?

Neil is innovative with his designs and always finds a solution.  He has the new eyes to see what you could not see.

Step 1 – Initial site visit and discussion about your renovation needs, dreams and what’s possible

Step 2 – Concept plans and further discussions

Step 3 – Detailed plans for Development application (DA) or Complying Development application (CDC)

Step 4 – Construction plans & application for a Construction certificate (CC)

We work collaboratively with a 3rd party for all necessary reports, certificates, compliance required to be collated and submitted for planning approval with regulatory authorities.

Neil will work directly with you through the whole project.

He will advise you on your home renovation, what work can be done by you, the owner, and what needs to be done professionally. Advice on how to liaise with contractors.

He will help you to plan, budget and complete renovation projects.

Project manage renovations, source value for money materials, source trades.

If you are handy yourself, sourcing the right value for money materials can not only save you money but produce professional finishes

We Work as a Team

DIY Mentoring with Neil Bailey supports you and teaches you as you go through your home renovation to ensure the success of your project

It is all about Solutions

You tell me the problem I will work with you to create the solution.  Never give up on what you want in your design for your home.

Keeping on Top of the Project

Renovating can get a little stressful and daunting at time.  I will work with you through the project from start to finish so we have a successful renovation whether this be one room or full house.

Best Direction to Go

Not sure which direction to go or which supplier to buy from.   I have a great wealth of knowledge both in suppliers as well as products.  When we work as a team you also have advantage of my trade discounts.

At Peace through the Journey

You can feel totally at peace when we work together knowing that you have support in all the areas of your renovation.

My Philosophy and Qualifcatons

Qualified Builder and Trainer

My love of all things building and years of industry experience has led to my passion for designing home renovations with a focus on how best to improve their functionality while conscious of their environmental footprint.

I have over 35 years of experience in Domestic & Commercial construction. I have been an apprentice, tradesman, site supervisor, estimator, project manager and a property developer.

I am passionate about building design and its layout (orientation) to capture the best aspects of the local climate. Cool summer breezes, warm winter sun aspects for example have always been important to me when designing and renovating our own homes over the years. I believe it’s just as important in any home.

As an accredited HIA Green Smart professional I am respectful of the homeowner’s dreams and wishes whilst conscious of good passive home design which is all about a comfortable living environment that reduces energy to light, cool & heat a building.

With the wealth of my experience I’m passionate about good home design, finding solutions and helping as a mentor for DIY homeowners


My Qualifications


Greensmart Professional – HIA Greensmart accreditation

Training & Assessment – TAE40116 Cert IV in Training & Assessment

Clerk of Works – Building construction Technology (Building Project Manager)

Building Inspector – Building Construction Technology

Trade Qualifications –   Bricklayer and Ceramic Tiler


Chris Brazel

“I met with Neil when building my studio.  I loved his ideas on how I could create a great entry into the studio.  Neil gave me choices with costs which then made it easy to decide which way to go. He is really thorough, with no hidden costs.”

Why Choose Us

When you choose to work with Easy As Home Renos we work as a team.

We look for the solutions so you can have what you want.  We work to get the best prices for you.We design with your budget in mind.

You are working with a team person who has over 35 years experience in the building and renovating industry.

 We will work with you from small one room projects to a full home build or renovation.

Quality workmanship with quality results.  A professional approach both in the planning and in the final project finish

I have a great wealth of knowledge both in suppliers as well as products.  When we work as a team you also have advantage of my trade discounts.


Email To Kick Off  Your Next Renovaton

Please feel free to email or call to discuss your next renovation.

You are welcome to book a free chat to discuss where you want to go and what you want to achieve with your renovation. 

We can then give you a firm quote for the work that we can do for you.