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At Easy As Home Renos we pride ourselves on solutions we find for you.

Great renovations at the best prices for you.

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Check what our clients have to say about our work and solutions.


What Clients have to Say

“I met with Neil when building my studio.  I loved his ideas on how I could create a great entry into the studio.  Neil gave me choices with costs which then made it easy to decide which way to go. He is really thorough, with no hidden costs.”

“Neil came to us recommended and it is with pleasure that we recommend him to others. He helped us convert an old Merewether cottage into our family home. He provided great design advice and very useful practical tips on how to make the most of our space and our budget. Neil has a highly professional and friendly manner. He explains things clearly when answering questions and we felt we had someone we could rely on. Working with Neil really is Easy As.”

“Neil helped us redesign the layout of our first house to get better use out of the space. He gave us lots of choices for layouts and ideas for how to make them happen. We love our new kitchen and living spacers and were very happy with how easy Neil was to work with. Highly recommended”

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Often you know what you want to create or change in your home but it seems to hard

You can’t find the answers or solutions to your problem.  You need to add a room but how, You don’t like the look of your home, you want to modernise it, and at what cost?

Neil is innovative with his designs and always finds a solution.  He has the new eyes to see what you could not see.

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